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August 27, 2011
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Movie Monster Size-Chart by lord-phillock Movie Monster Size-Chart by lord-phillock
another size-chart featuring monsters from movies! I'd put more, but (except for Toho kaiju) I couldn't think of more monsters. I'll upload a close-up version for the smaller ones.

Update: Made it easier to see since I received some comments from blind people (apparently) who said that everything was confusing and the numbering made no sense. So I put it in order (left-to-right). Update: Cool, a DD. Also, added meters and fixed scaling miscalculation.

Update 2014: Added a lot more monsters. Will continue adding more later, and it's still not done! Lots of little kinks to fix. Also I adjusted the sizes to the Cloverfield Monster, Zilla. If you think some are sized too small or big, let me know! Hope you like this update!
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Given 2013-01-16
Movie Monster Size-Chart by ~lord-phillock A chart that any movie monster fan should have. For details must check zoom version here. ( Suggested by SavageFrog and Featured by princepal )
most thank you!
I didn't think it was possible to do so, but I'm very happy to see that you're updating the chart already posted; I feared that sometime in the future there'd either be a part 2 or a separate updated one not already in my favorites that I'd have to remember to check up on, but this convenience is so awesome, thank you for continuing work on this.
Hooray! Thanks for commenting on that. Yeah the first chart was nowhere near fine-tuned, and I hope to add more in the future (and fix more mistakes!) You're welcome!
Ghidorah = World being exceptionally screwed.

I have seen this picture multiple times and still love it!
aw come on, Godzilla would just smack him a couple of times and he's out cold! ;)

and thanks! Nice to see you looking at the new one!
Looks good. I know it's a lot of work figuring out the sizes, so I have no gripes.
Akitozz6 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm starting to be curious how big would be Smaug from Hobbit movie in this chart 
I would love to see Final Fantasy X's Sin in something like this.  Awesome job; it must have been an insane amount of work.  :winner:
thanks! It wasn't as insane as you might think, but I appreciate your lovely comment! :)
Rodrigo-Vega Nov 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Look! it's like a battleship!
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