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August 27, 2011
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Movie Monster Size-Chart by lord-phillock Movie Monster Size-Chart by lord-phillock
another size-chart featuring monsters from movies! I'd put more, but (except for Toho kaiju) I couldn't think of more monsters. I'll upload a close-up version for the smaller ones.

Update: Made it easier to see since I received some comments from blind people (apparently) who said that everything was confusing and the numbering made no sense. So I put it in order (left-to-right). Update: Cool, a DD. Also, added meters and fixed scaling miscalculation.

Update 2014: Added a lot more monsters. Will continue adding more later, and it's still not done! Lots of little kinks to fix. Also I adjusted the sizes to the Cloverfield Monster, Zilla. If you think some are sized too small or big, let me know! Hope you like this update!
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Movie Monster Size-Chart by ~lord-phillock A chart that any movie monster fan should have. For details must check zoom version here. ( Suggested by SavageFrog and Featured by princepal )
broku5000 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Do you plan to make an update on this with Legendary Godzilla? (2014 Godzilla) he's supposed to be the 2nd largest Godzilla yet. (The number one biggest was in that old comic Godzilla Vs The Avengers at over 500ft) just wondering.
lord-phillock Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014   Artist
yeah I do plan to do that, but I think all of the bigger monsters seem to be too small now that I look at it again.
KitWhitham Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
I always love this, it makes for an awesome reference! I don't know if you're taking suggestions to add on to this, but have you thought of adding Smaug from The Hobbit to this chart?
lord-phillock Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014   Artist
hey thanks! 

no, not really. I might someday. I have to fix the sizes again anyway :)
KitWhitham Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Cool! If you'd like, I do estimates for sizes of monsters and would be glad to help you out with them!
lord-phillock Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014   Artist
we could tryyyyyyyyy.
KitWhitham Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
If it helps, I've estimated Smaug's head to be 7 meters from the tip of his snout to the end of his longest horn.
Q99 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Woo, a lot more since last time I checked!

For suggestions, there's Gorgo's Mother (200+ feet tall).
lord-phillock Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014   Artist
Cool! Thanks! :)
GhostDetective Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I love size charts, and this one looks great, but there seems to be numerous inaccuracies with this one. One, the scaling on the side doesn't seem to be quite uniform. You have one line labeled as 24' which makes me think that each line represents about 8'. But that would make most of your comparison people and that one sedan about 8' tall which is completely ridiculous. Also in the description you said it's meters, but the apostrophe makes me think feet.

Assuming it is feet, that would make your original Godzilla about 140-180 feet tall, which is about right. However that also means that the VAST majority of this chart is way off. 1954 godzilla is 50meters (164 feet) tall (there are tons of resources out there confirming this, everything from the godzilla wiki… to just looking at comparison shots of him in powerlines and next to the Diet Building). However comparing him to the nearest monsters, 1954 Godzilla is way too big. Zilla (1998) should be about the same height, just longer, and definitely not half as tall. Same goes for the Cloverfield monster, who should actually be a big BIGGER than them, closer to King Ghidorah size. This is just me looking at the first couple monsters, not even checking the other 3 or 4 dozen on here, haha. Again, love that you did something like this, wish there were more size charts out there, but while this one looks pretty, it's simply inaccurate.

I'm curious to know your sources/research methods for this and how exactly you intended that y-axis to be. Because it looks spot on for a couple monsters, but wildly off for most of the things on here. And sorry if this was meant to just be a fun little thing, just felt like I should mention it.
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