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September 10, 2008
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Pokemon TFM: Custom Album Art by lord-phillock Pokemon TFM: Custom Album Art by lord-phillock
Okay, so I'm in a Pokémood... and because I am, I know there are a LOT of you who are still active (unlike me) Pokémon fans out there. So, after getting the 'First Movie' Score, I immediately noticed how terrible the CD cover looked like.

So I created my own. Please note that I didn't draw the Mewtwo head. That's a screen-capture from "Mewtwo Returns", a pretty stupid TV Special that aired at some point in the early 2000s. I just severely painted it to look cool like it does here.

Also, this reflects the animation look I had in mind when I was a kid thinking of my own Pokémon movie. Aaahh, those days.

Too bad the first movie never had something as cool as that picture in the film.

you know what? Mewtwo should have been the devil-of-a-Pokemon he was supposed to be. Like in this picture. Total scaryness.

©Nintendo, & all those guys, blah blah.
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You did a way better job of Mewtwo!!! He looks more
Badass than ever!!!
Whether it be the games or the Pokemon Adventures manga, Mewtwo is awesome. In the games, he's powerful enough that he could probably defeat any of the other 648 Pokemon if he had the right moves. As for his Adventures counterpart, the giant spoon may look kind of silly (you'd think the most savage Pokemon in existence would be holding something more threatening like a giant knife), but trust me, that spoon can cut a tall building in two, and he could probably kill 10 Final Fantasy villains with it. Heck, he even stabs Deoxys with it in a later story arc.
Kolbatsun1226 Jul 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
It is epic. Way better than the cover of the actual CD. What about The Power of One Soundtrack?
1LoveDrew Jun 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice. :D
You should read the Pocket Monsters SPECIAL manga (known as Pokemon Adventures in English). Mewtwo's WAY better developed in the manga than he ever was in the anime.
Oh! of course I did! Pokemon Special is EONS better than the show... someone tell me why THAT isn't the show?!

but I'm not too keen on that gargantuan spoon-spinning goody guy that can hardly beat Lance... I like the Mewtwo that wants to destroy the world... and could.

It's a bit of a Yin-Yang thing going on there
I have no idea why Pokemon Special wasn't made as the anime instead of the mindless toddlers' show that the current anime is. Maybe they're afraid of showing kids the real (and much cooler) side of Pokemon?

As for Mewtwo, I like him better as a strong but limited Pokemon in the manga than the OMG INVINCIBLE Pokemon he's portrayed in the anime. It makes for far better character development, in my opinion.

At least what he lacked in the Yellow saga, he made up for in the Fire Red/Leaf Green saga. :)
Oh My Gosh! That is the most coolest Mewtwo I've ever seen! Really dude, keep it up!
Metros2soul Oct 27, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh that is just PLAIN AWESOME!
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