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August 22, 2010
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Some Summer Sketches by lord-phillock Some Summer Sketches by lord-phillock
here are most of the sketches I was sketching on vacation. You can totally tell what I was watching while I was sketching. Come on, I dare you!

also, hey! Play a little game with me! Guess the characters!

And if you want, ask me about any one of them and I'm sure I'll have an explanation on it.
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Man this is a giant nostalgia bomb. You are very talented at being able to switch around with different artistic styles. Would've never dreamed of seeing a picture with Iron Man, K'Nuckles, a spinosaurus, Avatar The Last Airbender, and a naked Ryoko butt in it.

So much awesomeness. It's fun how similar your tastes are to mine, like I mean... I had a blast back when Pokemon came out, but I would have never gotten to relive those moments if not for your PKMN Retrospective videos.

Sorry if that was a bit ranty, eheh..
no, man! It's cool! I like lengthy comments on DA a lot!

and Ryoko's not naked, she has that skintight black/red jumpsuit thing on. ;) hard to tell, but the lack of buttock-separation gives it away.
Evilmoohissbaa Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Everythings awesome, but "Kuwabara" plankton is the best thing ever (for at least the next ten minutes.) Thanks for completely making my day.
mi2x Aug 23, 2010  Student
i like the old man on the bottom.
ps:my capacity goes as far as Avatar, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin, Spongebob, Dexter, Ed Edd and Eddy, and i even saw you ;)
really like your dinosaurs ... done a fantastic job with them.
thanks a bunch! I've had practice ever since I was 3!
just amazing. animals is one thing ive never really practiced. :D maybe i should start ..lolz
Wow, this is great! Did you do all of these from memory?

You are ridiculously good at drawing dinosaurs.
I accept your challenge to name the characters!
Hmmm....I see a turtle. I will name him Hat. Oh my gosh. I see the words "P.DAniacs", as well as the star of the wacky, award-winning show! (It got my award) Is there anyone besides Michaela and I who gets that? lol
I see one of the many moms from a nicktoon; a deer skull (don't get that at all); Edd; that kid from Adventure Time; Dexter and DD; I stylized version of you, I'm guessing; Tai Li of course; one of those male versions of the Power Puff Girls (don't kill me, I forgot the name of the show); that one kid from that one weird nautical-themed cartoon; Mr. Krabs; Katara Hakoda (if you like I could give you a full biography); Toph Bei Fong (same there); A lion and a gorilla; and Pearl. I see you with a brick stuck in your head; Jafar and snake Jafar; and....Jasmine with a beard? WTC? I see the Sultan, the Beast, and evil Genie.

Alladin; Princess Azula (she looks really good, and much kinder than she really is); the dog from Adventure Time.... ummm... a lot of characters I don't know....I'm hoping that mouse with a hat is from Redwall. Isn't Mace Windu clean-shaven? Lastly, I see Plankton.

Ha! Fail! I'd like to know who the realistic, bearded characters are, as well as that girl in the freckles who is drawn in your style, the excited person next to her, the mad girl pointing at Katara, and the indignant girl at the bottom right.
oh, and the turtle WAS in fact used as a hat in one of the episodes of "Ed, Edd, and Eddy"... and I wasn't going for "my style" I was going for that "Avatar-style from the cartoon"!
GOOD JOB. You're right on everything EXCEPPPPPPPPPT....

It's not Azula... as I was watching the BBC Narnia and wanted to draw Aravis, and as we know Tarkaans have those cool curved shoulderpad things, and I always saw Aravis with that hairstyle, and then after I drew this I went "oh great. I know I'll have to change this desgin a little later on."

the mouse is also... from Narnia--is it me or are my designs just horrible now?

That's Mace WINDY! The JEDI-BENDU! I was reading the Secret History of Star Wars and, on one of George Lucas's early 1970s drafts, Jedi were Jedi-Bendus, and there was a character called Mace Windy.

Jasmine with a beard is because Jake said the drawing looked too much like a guy, so I gave her a beard to complete it.

the indignant girl is Ryoko from this (in my opinion) charming and nostalgic series [link]!

and those anonymous girls are you guys. I thought you'd have figured THAT one out! :omfg:
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